The techniques of flourishing content of a blog


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Blog’s content is the very important thing. Always you have to write the useful and informative post. Not watching to search engine, write such a post that is useful for men. There are given some tips on writing flourished content in the following. You may also read this article on “How to write SEO friendly article?”. Also read, Google recommended On-Page SEO Strategies for Websites.

Techniques of flourishing content

techniques of flourishing content
Techniques of flourishing content

#1 Focus on Content

You know, “Content is King”. Sor friends, always try to make the big article. Google wants its users to show such articles which articles are informative so always write the article with a huge information. Perfect is- if you write the article within 300-1500 words.

#2. Focus on Title

Use the main keyword in the title. First of all, visitors see the title, you have to make title attractive. Example: 1. Download 2 books from online of earning money. 2. Are you worried about your career?  Download from online awesome 2 EBooks related income.

Dear friends, you have read two sentences certainly. Have you understood something? Yes, you have understood it definitely because these two sentences are mellifluent and attractive but others are not so attractive. You may also read this article on “How to Write Awesome Blog Titles to Get More Visitors“.

#3. Keyword Consistency

Try to keep consistency 2-3% of keywords in the article. In other words, if you write 100 words then you have to keep 2 or 3 keywords. Using extra keyword is called keyword stuffing. That is called also search engine over optimized. Search engine ignores this type of search engine. So stay away from this type of article writing.

#4. Heading Tag

Use h1, h2 heading. Example: When we read a magazine then don’t read all. We just read the title but in some case read the full magazine. Use definitely h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. The search engine sees these as a title. But be careful!!! h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 will not be used two times, Google will give you an awesome gift. Do you know what that gift is? That is a penalty. Also, read 7 Important tips about On Page Optimization.

#5 Use of Keywords

In which places you have used the keyword in your article, what are all that- bold, italic, underline the words.

#6 Article Format

Keep the font-size of writing at 15, through which users become friendly. Always not doing search engine friendly, you will do human-friendly and then the article will be search engine friendly automatically.

#7 Use image for SEO

Set image in important place and use alter tag certainly alt=”your alt text”.

#8 Focus on Important Words

Write strong, underline, bold some words.

#9 Share Articles on Social Websites

Tell to share your writing at the end of the article. Because like or share is much of which tune in social media, its importance is also much to Google. So invite visitors to share always.

#10 Ask the readers

At the last article such a thing which is useful for man.

You will not publish article quickly if you finish that just. Tell your any friends that, if he has read without any problem or not. If he can read then publish the article. Because many times it is seen some writers write such a tune that loose language. Remember “Quality is over quantity” means a less standard thing is better than much quantity thing.

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