Technologies that are going to be the driving force of the modern world! Pictorial Mega Tune


Hi!!! How are you? I am fine. Today, I am bringing an another new topic. The name of the topic is: Technologies that are going to be the driving force of the modern world! Pictorial Mega Tune.

If I ask you that when the science fiction technologies will come in the real world? Your eyes will be on the forehead after hearing the question and then, you answer that, “In which world do you live”? Why would come the imagined technologies? However, if you’ve read the science fictions of Jules Vernon Science then you will understand it clearly that how the technologies of many years ago are coming today in our real life. However, the odd thing is that these technologies don’t startle us. The imagination of today turns into reality after a few days, it would be natural. But after a certain period of time, the science and technologies have reached in what position! It always makes me startled.  But, today, I am discussing with you guys that Technologies that are going to be the driving force of the modern world. Without these, the modern world cannot be imagined. So, let’s enter into the Modern World.

Graphene: The Architect of the Modern Industrial Revolution



The Graphene is a multi- cyclic carbon material. It is made ​​of graphite, charcoal (superfine wood and coal), carbon nanotubes (CNT), and the combination of Fullerenes. Although, it was made in 2004 but presently, it is making randomly. Because of the Graphene gave everything in a relatively good condition. It will give us speedy Internet connection. Moreover, it is 100 times stronger than steel in the case of making buildings. It can also be used as filters to purify sea water or poisoned water.


Graphene is also used in smart phones. We can not say enough about the use of all in a day. Because there’s so many uses that it is almost impossible to describe it. It can be predictable that in future, all such cases will be led by Graphene. In the coming days, our current world will depend on Graphene. If that ever happens, it will be the second industrial revolution on Graphene. It was not fun.

Artificial Intelligence

We have seen  intelligent robots several movies. It can do anything by hearing commands given by men. If you’ve seen the movie “Iron Man” as you might have noticed that the computer is done anything by hearing the commands of hero. Moreover, in science fiction we read about computer (CDC) who can speak with men. It is now the squares are not scientific fiction. These technologies are going to be a reality very soon. Do not believe? A little more information will be required to believe you.

Artificial Intelligence

You will surely be familiar with Cortana, which is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows Phone 9.1 and Windows 10 Operating System. You surely know about the working process of Cortana. Cortana is called virtual assistant. Though, the performance of Cortana Software can not fill our expectation. However, in future, some robots and computer programs have made who will exchange their ideas. Some programs’ (such as Siri, Google now, Cortana) development is still going on.


 Brain Computer Interfaces: Computer will understand the Human Mind

The technology has already made. You know that at the present time and the time one of the greatest living scientist Stephen Hawking himself could not speak any word. But what he thought that the computer can decode it. This technology is just used in the opposite of this matter. This means that the commands of the computer can not be given by mouse or keyboard, now a day. You just thought a thing, and then, the computer will perform that. The computer can be done anything just based on the movements of your eyes.


The Staff will be Robot-People Ruling

Firstly, remember that it is not just like a human robot whose has arms and legs and who spoke just like the human being. The robot can be any shape. Currently, robots are used in many large industries, but it’s still not too extensive. There are the robot crews. Inside them, they’ve been programmed to do just that. But the intelligent robots will be built in the coming years that can do a lot by itself (although it also takes programs).  The modern intelligent robot is going to be the assistant of the people. Are you ready for that?

Robot People

Wireless Power Transfer


We are already familiar with wireless technology. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, especially we use these. Moreover, I ‘m using these wireless mouse, keyboard, hard drive. But the wave of wireless technology transfer issues was confined to the transfer of power could take place in the wireless technology too. But in the case of transfer of power, after the next few years, wireless technology will take place. Even if the mobile charger has not at your home, then, you have to charge your phone by using wave energy. However, the transfer of power through magnetic induction would be fairly quick.


5G Mobile Data-Introducing The Dynamic Power

We’re used to the maximum of 3.5 Generation Internet. But in the fourth generation internet service, everyone is fairly advanced in the world. But very soon the world will take place in the fifth -generation networks. In Bangladesh, for the next few years, will come in 5 -G networks. But the technology is moving very quickly. I always say that one thing is to keep the two -year sleep and then wake up, then, two years later of a heart attack, you may be seeing.


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