Some Wrong Conceptions about WordPress


Some Concepts about WordPress

In a statistic, we watched that almost 21.2% website used WordPress as their CMS and this brings WordPress to the leading position in all over the world. In spite of being its popularity, so many people do not aware of this. So many people have misconceptions about WordPress. This misconception creates from the other person’s point of view. Today, I am discussing with you guys about the Some Wrong Conceptions about WordPress. This will create a clear image abut WordPress in your mind.

9 Wrong Conceptions about WordPress

wrong concepts about wordpress

#1 It is only a blogging tool: this is a totally wrong concept. But yes, when WordPress started its journey, then it started its journey as a blogging platform.  But now, WordPress is a web software by which you can be able to make any type of Website. In every 6 websites, at least 1 website is made by WordPress. Ecommerce website, corporate website, online news, magazine, and almost all categories of industries, Government Website, non-profit websites may be made by WordPress.

#2 The security matter of WordPress is not safe. One reason for the popularity of WordPress is a powerful security system safe. WordPress is open source software, which means the source code is available online, which can find the research or security loopholes. Malicious attacks on the web is a general matter, not just a matter of WordPress. Special teams are always supervised these things WordPress. Use a strong password, follow some specific WordPress can be more powerful.

#3 By default, WordPress does not support other CMS, eCommerce shopping cart, payment gateway. But there are so many WordPress plugin, which allows you to sell digital or tangible goods.

#4 The future of WordPress is uncertain. WordPress is free software. So many people have a wrong idea that WordPress may quit their business. WordPress is not made by any single person, but it was made by a strong community and professional developers. Thousands of small and large companies are doing their business through WordPress. They actively contribute to the WordPress community. Though WordPress is a free software, but it has million dollar business in per year. So don’t worry, WordPress is not going anywhere and it has a bright future.

#5 The thinking of the newcomers is that as the WordPress is a free software so this software does not support any customer. Truly speaking that it is a free software, but you get a sufficient assistance. WordPress provides you sufficient assistances such as document, support, forum, chat room, online resource, developer, agency etc.

#6 It is a free software. This WordPress software is not made by any single person is was developed by a community. Though it is an open source, but its coding standard is very high quality. It is so high quality that Microsoft, New York Times, CNN etc. various companies use this WordPress CMS.

#7 According to the short merit WordPress users, the all sites of WordPress looks like a same. But, if you visit ThemeForest, StudioPress, then you will get the answer.

#8 WordPress is very useful just for those who do not know HTML, CSS. It is not an appropriate for the advanced level users. It is very appropriate for all kind of users due to the simplicity of using WordPress. It has an equal popularity among new users and experienced users.

#9 It is not useful for the high traffic oriented sites. It is totally a wrong view. Then you may visit on TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, TheMentalClub such kind of websites. These sites are so popular and these sites are made by using CMS. Hopefully, we were able to overcome the misconception. If you have any other idea, then you may tell it. We try to explain your idea.

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