How to play full screen games on laptop or computer


Hello friends!!! I am bringing a new discussion  about  how do we play Full screen Games on Laptop. Most people love to play games on computers. Now a day, although expanding the wide screen monitors, some games are not adaptable to those monitors. There are two black bars on both sides of below mentioned game. It is really disgusting during playing a game. So, we need something that can fit the window of the game is as stretched as  the monitor size.

Are you facing the above problem during playing games on your computer (desktop/laptop) due to your wide screen monitor?

play games full screen

Do you want to remove the black bars on both sides & make it like this?

play full scree game

Solution of this problem:
1. Download this tool.


2. Open the software. A window will appear like this…

3. Select the second option “Scale image to full panel size”.
4. Now open the game you want to play in full screen. You will find that the game is now in full screen.
You don’t have to do this for every time. From now on, every time you play those games, they will appear as full screen, fitted for your screen resolution.
Thank you for reading this post!

Biswajit Das
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