Learn, how to crack any Software?


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. Today I will share with you “How to crack a real software?”

How to crack any software for personal use?


N.B: This Cracking Tricks are only for Unpacked Software. If you want to crack packed software then you have to know programming of Intermediate Level definitely. You have to know also how to work (C, C++, Assembly (X86 (32 bit + 64 bits))) and Virtual Machine? Though you have stay good concept on ***x86 Instruction Set*** + C + C++ in both place Unpacked Software And Packed Software.

So Let’s Begin:

Tools Needed:

#1. IDA Pro 6.8:

Download Link.

Alternative Download Link.

#2. OllyDbg:

Download link

#3. RDG Packet Detector:

Download link.

We will crack which software: http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/rarpasswordrecovery.html


Install all software above by downloading that. Now extract RDG Packet Detector and open Run As Administrator.


Click Yes.

Now close that is program is opened. Now in which place you have installed the Rar Password Recovery Software and go to that folder. Now clicking right of the mouse on Rar Password Recovery Professional.exe file and click in RDG Packet Detector.


If you click then one window will come like following picture. Select M-B And Then Click Detect.


If you click on Detect, then one window will come like following picture where 3 sections are there.

  1. Compiler (RED BOX): In this place, in which Programming Language software has coded that will be shown.
  2. Detected (GREEN BOX): In this place it will show that any protection or packer have been used in this software.
  3. Possible (YELLOW BOX): It will also show that which protection or packer may be stay.

There is one more box, I have given that GREEN BOX because both are same. But I show you that its details (Multiple Protection).


So here in this software Visual C++6.0 has been used. And in this protection: aPlib Comp has been used. (aPlib Comp is not any Protection or Packer. This is a Normal Code Compression Algorithm.) Possible: is Debugger Present, it is such a protection which doesn’t give the software to debug. But IDA Pro can skip this protection easily.

Now, as in this any packer is not used so we can go to do crack certainly. Now before cracking we will keep a backup of software real EXE files because in that at the time cracking if any problem happens through which we can use that Real EXE File. Now open, IDA Pro. Now dropping drag EXE File leave that in the Window of IDA Pro. If you do this then you will get a box like following picture.


Now click on Portable Executable and click OK. Then a Dialog Box will come like following picture.


Now Click Yes and this type of Windows will come together.


Click No.. And Wait…Then this type of Result will come.


This is a Graph View…if you press Space then it will come in Normal View.


This is Normal View…again if you press Space then it will come into Graph View.

Now we open software and try to do registrant with some bad input. (Don’t close IDA Pro but keep Minimize it)

Opening this software, click on the Icon like a key.



Email: [email protected]

Registration code: crack123


 :/ The Code Is Invalid….

Remember this line. Now go to IDA Pro. (If Avro is there, then it will disturb, so before pressing Shift + F12 exit Avro)

You will get this type of Window.


This name is String Window. Now press ctrl+f here and search here by writing The code is invalid.


Double click on the Result.


You will get this type of result. Now it is the main matter. There is DATA XREF above of The Code Is Invalid Line that says in which function this code is. Now click double on sub_40BA80+1E3o. You will get result like following picture.


Pressing on Space, go to graph view.


Here is test eax, eax means condition. And in the below jnz is jump if not zero… this code depends on above condition.

If Condition’s Answer is True (If we give correct Email and Registration) then in red line which box will come that will be activated. And if that is false (If we give wrong Email and Registration) then in green line which box will come that will be activated. Now we have to change this condition. So how to do that? We will do in such way that if we give the wrong registration code yet Thanks For Registration comes. Now click in jnz short loc_40BC47 line single. Then Click Edit->Patch Program->Change Byte


Here change 7540 as 7500. You will get this type of result.


You will see previous green line will be vanished. That means there is no relation with that code in software. That means whatever registration code you give, yet Thanks For Registration will come. Now it’s time to turn for saving Edited EXE.

Click Edit->Patch Program->Apply Patch To Input File


Select Create Backup And Click OK….

Now close IDA Pro. And you will get such box.


Check Don’t Save The Database And Click OK.

Now open your EXE File and try to do registrant like before.



Work is finished. You can not only change condition, but also you can change the string.

Today is no more. I hope this article will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

Thank You…