What is Social Bookmarking? And what its advantage?


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What Are The Top Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?


What is social bookmarking?

All webmasters know the importance of social bookmarking, it has no alternate to SEO on this site. Social bookmarking is mainly a virtual link diary. Generally, when we find any important website or web link, then we save or bookmark in that browser. We can do this same work on social bookmarking site. But in that case, the advantage is we can enter from any place and share it with friends very easily.

So we need to know the address of social bookmarking site. This tune is by keeping in mind web master’s words. Here more of 50 social bookmarking site address have been given. I hope it will work for them.

Social bookmarking is three types, according to link preservation and kind of share.

  1. Private Social Bookmarking Site: In this type of social bookmarking site, who have preserved, saved the link, only they can see that. Generally Google Bookmarks give this type of service.
  2. Open Social Bookmarking Site: In this type of social bookmarking site, sharing links are opened for all. As a result anyone can get benefit from the other’s sharing link. Digg is the biggest example of this type of social bookmarking site.

What are the advantages of social bookmarking?

At present, social bookmarking sites are not limited in bookmarking only, rather several services of social contact has added in it. In spite of this, in case of presentation of search engine’s result, social bookmarking gives special importance of it. The main advantages of social bookmarking were mentioned in below.

  • Any type of link can be shared and preserved very easily.
  • Required links can be managed or decorated very beautifully.
  • Get “Do Follow Backing”.
  • Get qualified visitor.
  • Exchange message with members or can be contacted.
  • The group can be structured and can be joined in any group.
  • Through social sharing button, link can be bookmarked from any site very easily.
  • From sharing links with others, the required information is found.
  • Criteria of any other link can be judged and extra data and comment can be added.

How to bookmark?

Bookmarking is very effective for getting backlinks and traffic. Many new comers are deprived from its advantages due to not being able to bookmark. There are mainly four options for bookmarking on sites.

  1. URL
  2. The title
  3. Tags
  4. Description

Give your blog’s address in place of a URL, then give your blog’s title in the title (give post’s title if you want to bookmark post), use keywords in place of tags which is used in your blog (give common or target keywords if necessary). At the last give a description of your blog. If all is done correctly, then clicking on the submit button and then submit. Yes work is finished.


50 Social Bookmark Site List:

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