How do you root your Android Smart phone without cancelling the warranty?



Do you know you root your Android smart phone without cancelling the warranty?

Are you surprising after reading the title? Are you thinking that how do you root your smart phone without cancelling the warranty. The main word is if you unroot your mobile before facing any problem and after facing problem if you unroot your device, then your warranty never cancelled. But, so many people cannot execute the unroot process successfully. Today, I will share the simple process with you.

Note: This process will work on Android version 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) to next versions but in the case of Lollipop this process will work. Besides, it will also work on those devices where the built in software is available on the device such as: Samsung, Knox.

The required things for tutorial:

iRoot (previous name was: VRoot): PC software which will perform the whole work.

The driver of your smart phone must be installed in the computer.

The Process of rooting:

·   If you have a Samsung mobile in where Knox enables, then disable it by following the steps: Settings -> Security -> Lock Reactivation.

·    Open the iRoot software after installing it. In the interface of the software, you will see some china characters. Do not panic, you will get the important characters in English.

·  You enable the USB Debugging option. For this, you follow the steps: Settings -> Developer Options. If you do not find the options, then go to the About phone option, and tap 7 times on Build Number. And the feature will unlock.

 ·   Connect your device with the computer.

·     iRoot software will find out the database from your database and after searching, you will find out the root button.  

·   After watching the Root button, you click on that. The process will start and after finishing the work, the device will restart.  

•   Finally, you may watch this by giving the Root Checker

Enable SuperSU:

If you root your smart phone by using iRoot by default, you can control the activity or permission of program super users. But, you may use SuperSU by changing it. The process of using SuperSU:

·    Install SuperSU from the Google play store.

•  Open SuperSU, popo up the permission of super-user and press Ok or 允许.

·   SuperSU wants a permission for granting and press OK.

•  Next, you install the Titauium Backup from Google Play Store

·    Now, by using this Titauium app, you freeze the default super user app which is installed during the time of root process.

·     Now, again reopen the SuperSU and reinstall the SU binary.

Finished! If you do it successfully, then your device will be rooted without any carnal modification which never cancelled any warranty. If you want to unroot your device full, then go to the option and click on the Full Unroot option.