How can I share files with my laptop’s Wi-Fi?

The term Wi-Fi is short for “wireless fidelity.” Now, every laptop computer has inbuilt Wi-Fi device. People can easily share their files with this Wi-Fi to other Wi-Fi enable devices, like: Mobile, Tab, PC and other electronic gadgets. But, 90% of people can’t use the Wi-Fi device of their laptop. Because, they don’t know, how to use laptop’s Wi-Fi or how to enable Wi-Fi in laptop PC for sharing files to the other Wi-Fi enable devices? Let’s know, how to share files with laptop’s Wi-Fi? Forget data cable, let’s use the technology.

How can I share files with my laptop’s Wi-Fi?

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If you are a Windows Laptop PC user, then you can use the Wi-Fi device easily and you can share files with this Wi-Fi to any Wi-Fi enable device. For sharing the files, you have to download and install a software on your laptop. Download the best Wi-Fi file sharing software for laptop PC from the link below.

Click here to download the best Wi-Fi file sharing software for your Laptop

The name of this software is “Shareit“. SHAREit, An incredible application – awesome in a word that can finish exchanging large files between Wi-Fi enable electronic gadgets in seconds! Supports on all Windows platforms. Windows Smartphone users also use this application on their phone. Windows Smartphone click here to download Shareit app on their phone. Android users follow this link to download the SHAREit app on your smartphone. Install this software on your Laptop and share files with your friends. Like below:

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