Hack all passwords of other users by using Cain. Even they’re visiting sites


How are you? Hopefully, you guys, are all well. Now I will show you that how do you hack all passwords of other users by using Cain and Abel and also hack their visiting sites.

How to use Cain and Abel to hack all passwords of other users?

First of all, I am trying to give some screenshots, but you do not understand it and if you face problems, then I will be there.

I will give you two software.

·   Cain & Abel

Download link view

Install the software.

Open It.

Look, it looks like it.


First of all, you have to know the IP address, MAC address, and other information, for this, go to the Run option and write cmd and press Enter button and write ipconfig/all. Next, conserve the other user’s information, Gateway, DNS. It will be better if you write these.

Now, go to the Configure option and it looks just like this:



Now, look the WiFi driver and there you will get an IP and MAC Address. Remember it. Quit by pressing the Ok button.

·     Give Start/stop sniffer.

·     Give Add to list.


A box will come.


Press Ok button by giving “All hosts in my subnet“.

Come into the Sniffer Tab and will, watch that in WiFi, the list of all users will show. You will also get this on Android phone.

Why are you in a waiting mood? Now go to the APR Tab.


Make sure you Select Top box. If you don’t select the ARP box The add button is hidden.

·     Click on the above Add.

·     Click on that particular which you want to hack.

·      Select all and Click Ok options.


Click on the above Start/stop Apr and wait. 


In Apr box, you will get the visiting sites of the users and their Password and Username.


Some how you need Wiresherk Network Analyzer.

Download link

·    What do you need Wireshark Network Analyzer?

·   When you move cain sniffer, then you have to move this tool together. Because, the Internet is provided as a packet. You target the IP address, from there you can find about the every packet.

It’s for today. Take Care.