Download All Versions of Angry Birds for PC and Android Smartphone users


Are you an Angry Bird lover? Do you love to play Angry Bird? I’ve come with a mega collection of All Versions of Angry Birds. Download All Versions of Angry Birds in one click. Today, I’ll share, last ten versions of your favourite game. You know, this is the most popular game of the world. Junior/Senior – everyone likes to play this game. If you’ve not played ever, then must download the game from the link below and play it.

Download All Versions of Angry Birds

Angry Birds

I’ve come with the both versions of Angry Birds. PC users and Mobile User. PC Users download the full version of Angry Birds (PC Game) from the link below.

(For PC)

Click here to download Angry Birds of PC (Angry Bird Space Full Version with crack for PC).

Special Angry Bird for PC – Version 2.0

(For Android Smartphone)

Download Version 1.0 (G1)

Download Version 2.0 (G2)

Download Version 3.0 (G3)

Download Version 4.0 (G4)

Download Version 5.0 (G5)

Download Version 6.0 (G6)

Download Version 7.0 (G7)

Download Version 8.0 (G8)

Download Version 9.0 (G9)

Download Version 10 (G10)

About Angry Birds:

Angry Birds is a computer game establishment made by Finnish PC amusement designer Rovio Entertainment. Roused principally by a portrayal of adapting wingless flying creatures, the first diversion was initially discharged for Apple’s iOS in December 2009. As of October 2010, 12 million duplicates of the amusement were bought from Apple’s App Store, and after that the organization began to outline forms for other touchscreen-based cell phones, including the Android, Symbian and Windows Phone working frameworks. It has subsequently to extend to computer game comforts and PCs.

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