Asia’s First Firefox OS Smartphone now in India

Hy friends,how are you?New year New thing and today i will gift you a information about low price smartphone FIREFOX OS Smartphone.

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Firefox OS Smartphone

Firefox OS Smartphone

It’s been quite some time since Firefox OS smartphones have started their journey. But for the people living in Asia, it’s always been a long wait until the phone is officially available for purchase. India becomes the first country in Asia to launch a Firefox OS smartphone.

Called Intex Cloud FX, the phone is now available for purchase from SnapDeal. The phone has dual SIM card slot, 2 MP camera, 1 GHz CPU, 3.5-inch display and 1250 mAh battery. You can tell from the specifications that this is not even comparable to the smartphones today, but that’s okay, because Firefox OS introduces a completely new type of smartphones that don’t have to have eye-popping specifications nor do they have to be pricey.

That being said, Intex Cloud FX is on sale for just Rupees 1999.

That’s the thing about Firefox OS smartphones. They are cheap, but performance wise, they are amazing. Mozilla wants to give everyone access to the web through these smartphones. And it’s not too early to say they are succeeding at it. Despite being low-end and low-cost smartphones, users won’t have trouble accessing the web through Firefox OS like they do with other cheap smartphones, because basically Firefox OS phones are  the web.

Intex Cloud FX is available in Black and White colors. The SnapDeal page says it comes with pre-loaded games as well as WhatsApp support through ConnectA2 third-party app, which is a major plus.

Firefox OS enthusiasts in India are already over the top with excitement thanks to the arrival of Asia’s first Firefox OS smartphone in their country. But for the neighboring countries like Bangladesh, the wait for the official unveiling of Firefox OS continues.

 This post was also published on  The Mozilla Magazine