A Short Introduction to Computer Programming



People know about every single modern computing device, but they hardly know that how a computer works? The user simply presses a button on a computer device and it turns on and its displays visualize by users and giving some inputs it starts performs functioning. The question is how a layman enables to know it is actually computer programming which leads all functions of a computer device.

What computer Programming actually Does:

Computer programming is an art of efficient and elegant tools of which computer solve the problems, whether it is a theoretical or performance-based, small or large, easy or complicated. It is a kind of art in which it translates a design into an effective and accurate computer program.

Algorithms and Programming:

  • Algorithms can be defined as the set of detailed, accurate instructions in order to perform particular task or solution of any problem.
  • The computer program is actually an impression of an algorithm in particular language which a computer is enabled to interoperate.
  • A high-level program’s language is the stuff which can be utilized to implement an algorithm
  • To make easy for humans to understand.

Computer Programs:

it is obvious that you interacting with the computer programs on regular bases, like Google, Facebook, TheOneSpy monitoring software, Wikipedia and hundreds of others all are based on computer programming.

These programs are written by the people who are known as the developer.

Nothing a computer can perform if someone doesn’t write or made the particular program.

Programs Different languages:

There are many languages may program have which are mention in following.

Java, Visual Basic, C, Perl, Python, C++, Tcl/Tk, Basic, Lisp, Prolog, Cobol, Smalltalk, Fortran Ada, MatLab, and others. All of these languages further divided into different types. Download Visual Basic Portable 6.0 (VB 6) and learn.

What actually computer perform:

  • Once a computer program is done then it must be converted into some particular instructions and then Central Processing Unit of a computer device enables to understand the nature of the instructions.
  • The central processing unit simple does operations such as addition, subtraction, Multiplication, and division of some specific numbers.
  • So what difference we make among computer and a calculator, it is the only difference that the computer does calculations rapidly.
  • Do we remember that a Pentium 4 chip since 2001 can do approximately 1700000000 computations within the single second?
  • Anything which is in the form of numeric, it can be saved on the computer device and then manipulated through computer pictures, videos, music images, DNA and Data.
  • How program conversions take place?

The standard level of program languages is simple for humans to make use of.

A CPU is only able to translate limited instructions which are described in binary 1s and 0s.

  • A program which is written by a programmer is changed into some particular instructions which are only understood by the CPU and perform. This is also can be done with another program known as Compiler.
  • Humans= smart, computer = Dumb
  • The Program languages are the platforms to use and create programs.

No one is the best programing language.

Labview language can do very interesting things very fast.

  • The good programmers know more than one programming languages and always pick in which they think they are the best.

Alice The programming language:

  • It is a language which is actually based on visuals, and it is very useful to make the guide or teach the people that how to make the program.
  • It cannot be used in the actual world like other languages such as Java or C++

The output of the Alice program is movies.

The visual Programming:

  • This kind of programming is based on pointing and clicking, dragging and dropping and selecting through the menus and typing as well.


  • The 3d movies are output like starting the program, play movies and also possible to add sounds to programs.
  • It will make easy to point out the logical errors like Why do my, ninja’s arms, keep flying and away.

Programing language LabView:

  • It is based on graphical programmings like Java or C++

_It originally developed to collect and analyze the data from the instrumentations.

_It is useful for general purpose programming language.

  • The similarities are their

_Just think what the problem is

_What program will do

_Need to implement and then test it

  • The only difference is what will you plan to do when you implementing solutions.

Typing vs work with the icons

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