5 Ways Online Document Verification is Streamlining Airlines in 2021


The travel industry, in particular, has been struck hard by the ongoing pandemic. 2020 witnesses a 60% decline in the global number of passengers that used airlines. As a result, the airline lost USD 371 billion, as reported by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Despite this, the industry continues to survive and is set for its rebound in 2021 and onwards.

Online Document Verification

Digital Transformation To The Rescue

Numerous airlines have invested in online document verification solutions to keep a close check on vaccinated passengers. Since the crisis seems to show no signs of slowing down, governments worldwide made vaccinations necessary for consumers that wish to travel. This step was much needed as it has the ability to contain the spread of the virus. With only verified and vaccinated individuals boarding a flight, governments are hoping to control the ongoing crisis.

That being said, let’s take a look at the key areas that have become streamlined through online identity verification

  • Self Check-in

Self Check-in
Self Check-in

In today’s digital-first world, airlines have provided passengers with the added convenience of verifying IDs through a self-check-in process. In this case, passengers are required to go through an online document check process during which the passenger’s documents are verified automatically and remotely. As a result, long waiting times in queues are eliminated. 

  • Rapid Mobile Check-in

Manual document attestation procedures are no longer sufficient in today’s world. With the help of mobile check-ins, passengers are provided with the highest level of convenience. In this, the end-users are not required to fill out lengthy forms. Instead, they just have to take a picture of their official identity document during the document verification process. Once the image has been captured, data is extracted through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and then automatically filled out on the online document verification form.

Mobile Check-in
Mobile Check-in

Additionally, by matching the identity documents with a corroborating selfie, the airline can also ensure that the passenger is in fact who they are claiming to be. 

  • Safer Onboarding

Modern passports consist of an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that is embedded with the passenger’s personal data. An online identity verification software has the ability to scan chip-based identity documents. Prior to onboarding a flight, the passengers simply have to scan the NFC document to get verified. Numerous airlines are also using the same technology to scan vaccine passports. 

Since the NFC chip is nearly impossible to replicate, only legitimate passengers are on boarded while imposters and scammers are effortlessly weeded out. 

  • Protection of Online Tickets

Stolen identity details are often sold on the dark web, available to be used by fraudsters to gain financial benefits. At times, hackers gain access to this stolen data to purchase airline tickets online. With the ticket being purchased under a fraudulent identity, scammers board a flight and pose numerous other risks.

Protection of Online Tickets
Protection of Online Tickets

Online document verification solutions can prevent such online scams. This is done by collecting the identity documents from passengers and verifying them against the live picture of the document holder. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experiences

To avoid drop-off rates and ensure customer conversions online, it is essential to create a balance between verification, fraud prevention, and the customer’s experience. Online document verification solutions play a crucial role in this regard. Through document validation, data is easily extracted, filled out in online forms, all in a matter of seconds. Without the interference of employees or manual procedures, convenience is delivered which ultimately increases customer retention. As a result, whether the passenger is enrolling in a flyer program or purchasing a ticket online, the process is swiftly and effortlessly completed.

Online document verification
Online document verification


The travel industry is expected to resume its normal operations by the second half of 2021. This progression is being assisted with the introduction of vaccine passports. However, with more travelers willing to provide information online, hackers are taking advantage of the situation. Online identity verification allows airlines to embrace the new digital era with utmost security. With online document verification, passengers are verified remotely and securely. Because of automation and AI capabilities, documentation verification solutions can distinguish between false and legitimate documents. This also helps airlines avoid appearing in adverse media news and minimize the risk of facing fines and lawsuits.