Transfer data from laptop to mobile without data cable


Now you can transfer data from your laptop to mobile without data cable with more than 3 Mbps Speed.

shareit app

But remember, it needs Wi-Fi. So your laptop and mobile must be enabled with Wi-Fi. And also remember, to transfer files from laptop to laptop, the laptop must be connected on the same WiFi Network. WiFi Network is optional – to transfer files from laptop to the phone. The name of this app is “SHAREit”.

Just Download and Install this app on your PC

About SHAREit: The world’s fastest way to share photos, apps and more across devices… without network charges or Wi-Fi connection.
Lenovo SHAREit eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices – either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go.

Features: Share everything with other devices – pictures, videos, music files, documents, contacts… even apps(Android only)!
Devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other when in range.
Transfer HUGE files and videos in seconds… up to 60x faster than Bluetooth®.
Share without the need for Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi network… you don’t pay a cent for network charges. Devices wirelessly connect directly.
Even the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin immediately.

You can visit the official website of SHAREit App.

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