How to take Pictures from the video?


Hi friends,Today I’ll show you how to take photos from the video in all time top 5 player.My today’s post for starters, so let’s get started.Come first in the current period, the most popular and one-third of the screen is used in the video player, KM player.


KM Player:
If you have to install and use the KM player play a video from your computer that you want to take pictures of the place from which you can then actually see the picture, then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard has been automatically saved.This picture will save on your “My Documents“ folder.

QQ Player:
At the present time is also a very popular software is QQ Player.For take picture in this player press Alt+A .This picture will save on captions to your QQ folder of   My Documents.

Gom Player:

KM player, the queue at one time before the player to play the video was a popular player Gom Player To my knowledge, and many people are now using it.For take picture in this player press Ctrl+E.This picture will save on captions to your Gomfolder of   My Documents.

VLC Player:
It excelled in both video and audio, using more or less all the audio for video.For take picture in this player press Ctrl+Alt+S.This picture will save on my picture of   My Documents.


Media Player Classic:

If you want to capture the pictures from your default Media Player Classic then press Alt+I.

Watch and shoot the picture from this video: