Remove advertisement from free version of uTorrent


Few days ago, I told about uTorrent, torrent, BitTorrent, what is torrent? How to download torrent files? But now I’ll tell you how to remove advertisement from free version of uTorrent. If you have not read these articles then must read these.

In that present time torrent is most popular download manager for file sharing from torrent server. You’ll find everything in the torrent, like movies, games, music, videos, software etc. But when you are downloading any file from torrent server then it shows advertisement. You know, advertisement loss the internet bandwidth, slows the download speed. So, if you want to remove all the advertisement from uTorrent download manager then follow the steps.

How to remove advertisement from free version of uTorrent

Step 1: At first click on “Preferences” button or Settings Icon or Gear button which appearing on the top-right corner of tool bar.

remove advertisement from free version of uTorrent

Step 2: Click on “+” sign of “Advance” Menu.

Step 3: Filter “upsell” and change value = False.

Step 4: Filter “sponsor” and change value = False and click on apply button, all the advertisement will be removed.

remove ads from utorrent

Please exit from uTorrent and reopen it to see the changes.

Thank you for reading…

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  • ganesh

    Nice trick to finally remove all the ads

    • bhishmaraj

      Yes Ganesh it’s true It works!!!