Now Access internet without network with Be Bound App


Owe! Thank God! At first test, then say no. Firstly, we will say you something – you can’t access internet in low connectivity area in any how or any process. Think you have to send an email then at this moment, but you have not in coverage area then what will you do? Don’t call to God, now call to “Be Bound” app.

Be Bound is a new app for smart phone, you can access internet without network or without any internet connection. You have no need any Wi-Fi, EDGE, 4G, 3G or 2G network. Now download the Be Bound App in your smart phone and after installation you will never disconnect form the internet or web. You can send or receive email, you can get the weather report, news, stock market updates for free. Now save your internet bill and Stay Connected with Be Bound.


About Be Bound App: Be-Bound® is a very simple idea: Connect everyone to the mobile internet, everywhere. NOW.

This is an ideal application for those that want data access in dead zones and hate spending big bucks on roaming charges while abroad.

“As well as being cheaper the app also dramatically increases internet coverage abroad too.” (Huffington Post)

“Be-Bound® can be useful when you have an internet connection, too.” (Quartz)

“With Be-Bound®, you barely need a data connection at all to still access things online that are now like second nature to us.” (Android Headlines)

“While it might sound like magic, it is in fact a bit more simple than that.” (The Next Web)

Be-Bound® is the ultimate way to ensure that you get your data when you need it – without costing you a fortune on data and roaming charges.

Get your data in data dead zones!

Stop paying international data roaming charges!

Great for traveling!

Great app to have on your handset in case of emergency!

Download The Link From Here.