How to increase Flash drive space?


Hello friends,i am i will give you a very short but very usefull trick.How to increase Flash drive space ? Yes I know, the title of this post may seem questionable. If you have a 4GB capacity Flash drive , how could you possibly increase its space. Here the step for increse your flash drive space capacity.

How to increase Flash drive space 

increase Flash drive space

Follow these Steps:

  1. At first go to this  website
  2. Download from the links, and Extract that in a Drive, for e.g in Drive “D”.
  3. Plug the USB into your computer then format it and Open the from the place that you extracted it…from a drive (D)
  4. Open SDATA tool.
  5. Choose youe flash drive letter.
  6. Click on E-Compress NOW.

That’s all


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  • Biswajit Das

    I think it’s edit the size info, does not change the actual capacity.