How to create a PTC site (Download Script for PTC Site) for...

How to create a PTC site (Download Script for PTC Site) for Free?


Do you want to make up your own PTC? (Free)

PTC stands for Paid to click. All of us want to make PTC site. But, all of us do not know that what things are required to make a PTC site? How much will be spent? Now, know the rules of making PTC site.

What is PTC?

PTC means Paid to Click. You can earn money by just clicking. In PTC, you just watch the advertisements by just clicking. By this process, you can earn money.

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What things are necessary to make a PTC site?

The things which are necessary to make PTC site:

  1. Web Hosting.
  2. Software or Scripting.
  3. PayPal, Payza Account.
  4. Basic PHP Knowledge.

Do the above 5 things you have? Then you will be able to make a PTC site.

If you don’t have these 5 things or if you don’t have anyone among the 5 things, then no problem. You leave your comments.

To buy a free domain, all of us know about the rules and regulations.

Take free .tk: From here (How to get a free domain).

Take Free Hosting: From here.

Open Payza Account: From here

Open PayPal Account: From here

Now, it is required to finish two works.

First of all, finish the basic PHP tutorial.

Second of all, download the script.

How do you install the script into the server?

Now, go to the hosting server and go to the cPanel and log in.

Next, go to the mysql database. Make a new database.

Now, go to the file manager and upload the file.

Condition: upload the zip file. Just read the file Readme.txt.

Good Luck!!!

  • NirkIndia Naveenraj

    thanks for the article,

    can i upload as one ZIP in 000webhost or i need to do it individually

    • Biswajit Das

      For testing purpose, you may try 000webhost.