Get ₹10 for Registering and Upto ₹500 for Inviting to ‪#‎SpiceSafar


Spice Safar offers you Railway Ticket Booking, Mobile Recharge and other utility payments on the go. Spice Safar is a revolutionary android mobile application for a faster booking experience on your mobile phone. RAILWAY BOOKING: Book your Railway tickets using your IRCTC user ID.

Get ₹10 for Registering and Upto ₹500 for Inviting



1. Download:
2. Enter Phone Number, Email-Id & Referral Code: 432UZ50
3. Now Link your Spice Safar to IRCTC by Selecting “Create New IRCTC Account” .
4. Fill the Details, Verify Phone Number & Mail-Id. You will get ₹10 for this Process.
5. Now you can invite your Friends to get ₹10 each. (Max ₹500)

☆ Minimum Amount to Redeem ₹10

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