Best Excuses to End a Date


Hi! How are you? I am fine. Today, I am discussing another topic. The 18 best excuses to end a date. Unless you are bowled over with love or lust, there are always going to be those unfortunate dates where you feel the urgent need to do a sharp exit, stage left. But not all of us are blessed with the quick thinking required to summon up a plausible excuse to leave without causing offence, so in order to help you do the decent thing with tact and diplomacy (kind of), I have compiled a list of the best excuses to end a date the next time you find yourself lumbered with the date from Hell.

Best Excuses to End a Date

The 18 best excuses to end a date:-

  1. I have a 7AM breakfast meeting with a client and I haven’t prepared my presentation yet
  2. I’m flying to Tokyo tomorrow morning and I need to pack
  3. Sorry but our sun/star signs are a bad match
  4. My car is parked in a disabled bay and I really ought to move it
  5. You remind me too much of my ex and I’m suffering from post-traumatic flashbacks already
  6. My psychic told me to stay way from women/men with blonde/red/brown/black/grey/no hair
  7. My babysitter is on double time and I have to get home before this dates costs me my overdraft
  8. Under the terms of my curfew, I have to be home by X [insert as applicable]
  9. Our time is up—I take cash or credit card
  10. I think we met in a previous life and I recall that I didn’t like you much then either
  11. Before this date, I was confused about my sexuality—now I know for sure I am gay, so thanks!
  12. The starter has given me food poisoning and I really have to go home immediately before the projectile vomiting sets in
  13. I have to be home by X [insert as applicable] to help my wife/husband/life partner put the septuplets to bed
  14. I left a casserole in the oven and I think it’s probably cooked by now
  15. My violent ex has just been released from prison and I think I just spotted him/her, so I need to leave immediately…
  16. I think I’m allergic to your pheromones because you’re bringing me out in a rash, so I better go home and take a shower
  17. I have to go home and feed my snake/tarantula
  18. I must go now as it’s time to take my medication—if I leave it too long the voices come back

What do you do if you really don’t want the hassle of making a lame excuse to leave your date early?


If your date is so bad that you would rather stick a fork repeatedly into your arm than suffer another minute in their company, it is probably not worth the time and effort of making a rubbish excuse to spare their feelings. The best tactic in this instance is to go to the rest room and leave via a back entrance—just make sure you collect your purse and coat before you disappear into thin air. Alternatively, wait until your date has gone to the bar/toilet and do a runner out the front door.

However: please note that this method is not a very nice way to behave and should only be used in the most extenuating of circumstances, and certainly not if your date knows where you live!

Thank you…………..

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